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Introducing Tiered Memberships!

Fit, Fitter, Fittest. Which will you be?

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Boot Camp

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Build a custom schedule tailored to your needs.

12 Fitness Types. 35 Locations. 200 Class Times per Day.

No More Excuses

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One Membership Fee

Access to Numerous Class Types and Locations

Mix up your Fitness Routine with Flip'n Fit

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Enjoy the PERKS of being a member at every studio in our network

Never limit yourself to one location or exercise type.

Yoga. Barre. CrossFit. Rock Climbing. Boxing. Personal Training. Pilates. Spin. Kickboxing. TRX. Bootcamp. Hot Yoga.

Its Simple 2

Why Flip'n Fit?

Your Flip'n Fit membership gives you access to every studio in the Flip'n Fit network! As a Flip'n Fit member you no longer need to choose your favorite workout or studio, because we know there are many to love! With Flip'n Fit, you can have it all!

    Arizona Midday explains how to keep your 2015 resolution with Flip'n Fit!
  • Membership Pricing

    Pay one monthly membership fee. Enjoy unlimited access to the gyms in the network!

    Fit - Unlimited Membership (One class at each studio)$49
    Fitter - Unlimited Membership (Three classes at each studio)$69
    Fittest - Unlimited Membership (Six classes at each studio)$99
    Plus Package - Add on Personal Training, Pilates Reformer (Four sessions)+$129
    Fittest Package - 6 month Unlimited Membership (Six classes at each studio per month)$499
    Fittest Package - 12 month Unlimited Membership(Six classes at each studio per month)$899

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